Creating content with compounding returns

Despite the pace of change in regenerative medicine, high quality content can stand the test of time, generating traffic and conversations continually. Be it a blog, infographic or webinar, what you might spend on advertising, to manipulate traffic at a moment in time, could be spent on an educative, search-optimised article that will continue to generate results for free.

"The biggest mistake people make with content marketing ROI is taking a short-term view."

Joe Lazauskas, Contently

Map content creation against your buyer's funnel

With prospects being more informed than ever before, understanding their needs and what content they're seeking at different stages of their journey is critical.

Therefore, clearly identifying a buyer persona and the journey they take with your brand is a great place to start before creating any assets.

You can then map the most meaningful assets to where you want to create impact for your customer. Typically, we focus on three stages, Awareness, Engagement and Conversion.

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